Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Six time Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte has been in the news recently over an overblown and misreported event in Rio where our American media completely threw the Olympic champion under the bus. But, he’s moving on and competing on Dancing With The Stars with professional dancer and two time champion Cheryl Burke.

However, a number of misinformed protestors are still angry with Lochte. They stormed the Dancing With The Stars ballroom floor while Lochte was receiving criticism from the judges.

Two audience members posted video of the creeps being stopped before they got to Lochte. What a close call!

I’m glad the security was there to handle them!

DWTS didn’t show what was actually happening, but you can see Carrie Ann Inaba’s reaction to these two creeps storming the floor in the video below.

Lochte was a bit stunned from the attack. His interview afterwards is below. He was quite taken aback. Thankfully it happened after his dance and not before!

This shouldn’t overshadow the Swimming Champ’s dance routine. He did an amazing job as you can see in the video below. His hard work paid off with a brilliant performance to “Call Me Irresponsible.”

The two men were arrested. Hopefully they face some justice for threatening someone in that manner.

Ryan is used to facing tremendous amounts of pressure, I bet he can put this behind him and keep dancing well. I would love to see him win!

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H/T: Hollywood Reporter

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