Friday, September 16, 2016

Mass immigration by Muslim refugees has caused some serious problems in Europe. Not only have there been terrorist attacks from radical extremists hidden in the midst of the refugees, but there have been culture clashes between these refugees and their host countries.

European countries have been rather accommodating to these immigrants. But when you see the video below from Germany, you will be shaking your head. This is an actual ad that is encouraging German women to wear hijab to encourage tolerance.

Why would anyone need to change their culture to accommodate newcomers?

Why would you bend who you are to accommodate others? Because it’s trendy?

Italy is also having an issue with mass immigration from refugees. According to Shoebat, over 128,000 refugees have already arrived there and 235,000 more are on the way. They shouldn’t expect open arms in Italy though, as the mafia has declared war on them.

Obama wants these refugees here in the US. I’ll be damned if anyone tries to tell me to wear a hijab to make them feel more welcome. This is utter nonsense.

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H/T: InfoWars

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