Tuesday, September 13, 2016

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz made quite a bold move when he issued a subpoena to the FBI in the middle of a Congressional hearing regarding Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The FBI previously gave Clinton a prison pass but Congress isn’t rolling over.

FBI’s Acting Assistant Director for Congressional Affairs Jason Herring was served the subpoena while he was testifying. The FBI has withheld information from Congress regarding Hillary emails. The FBI doesn’t have the right to do this, so Chaffetz is forcing their hand.

Herring was served on live television by an aide as Chaffetz said, “You are hereby served!” The video below might just have Hillary shaking in her boots. This scandal isn’t going away!


BOOM! That’s a rather dramatic way to serve someone. The FBI has no right to withhold that information from Congress. Hopefully a left wing activist judge doesn’t block this subpoena.

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