Friday, September 16, 2016

John Kasich took to CNN this morning to BETRAY Donald Trump and Republicans. He told CNN it’s “highly unlikely” he will vote for Donald Trump this November.

Kasich remarked, “I’ll let everyone know when, but I think my actions have spoken very loudly, louder than even my words.”

Some of those actions include remaining in the Republican primary race with absolutely no chance whatsoever at winning. But probably the biggest slap in the face was when Kasich refused to even make an appearance at the Republican National Convention which was held in his home state of Ohio!

In fact, he didn’t even make a video or tele-appearance. He flat out REFUSED to show up! Instead he went to breakfast to begin his 2020 campaign. And now he’s getting in bed with Obama with the TPP!

Watch his interview on CNN:

Kasich showed how out of touch he is by supporting the TPP which would continue to sell out America and Ohio to foreign powers. He shows his absolute disdain for hard-working people with this approach.

CNN’s Dana Bash then pressed Kasich asking if it was still possible to vote for Trump. Kasich responded, “Very unlikely.” He continued, “Too much water under the bridge.”

John Kasich is an absolute DISGRACE. He is a LIAR. He reneged on his pledge to support the nominee and because he didn’t get his way he’s trying to sow discord and whine to everyone who will listen. He’s even getting in bed with Barack Obama. He might as well not even be a Republican because he’s acting like a Hillary Clinton Democrat surrogate!

If you live in Ohio it might be time to find a new Governor if this is what he thinks about Donald Trump and the American people!

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H/T: Libertarian Republic

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