Wednesday, September 28, 2016

At the first debate, Hillary Clinton hit Donald Trump for calling former Miss Universe Alicia Machado “Miss Piggy.”Hillary said that Machado is voting for her out of anger towards Trump, who owned the Miss Universe pageant when she had the crown.

Hillary is trying to score points by smearing Trump for judging beauty in a beauty contest. Machado is now an American citizen and she’s a surrogate for Hillary’s campaign.

But, Hillary might want to do a little research on who she is making the darling of her campaign. She has a violent past.

From InfoWars:

Machado, who is now a fully signed up Hillary campaign surrogate, was accused of driving a getaway car to aid her boyfriend in a plot to murder his brother-in-law at the funeral of the dead man’s wife and then threatening to kill the judge who was in charge of convicting Juan Rodriguez Reggeti.

Machado is also a porn star. She specialized in anal porn scenes. And her daughter is likely fathered by a Mexican drug king.

Anderson Cooper asked Machado about her past since Hillary is holding her up as a role model. Her reaction, which you can see in the video below, was interesting.

Machado dismissed it by saying it was 20 years ago. If she can dismiss behavior that happened 20 years ago, she should also dismiss anything that Trump said that hurt her feelings 20 years ago, too.

The left just doesn’t see their own hypocrisy. Hillary Clinton runs interference for her husband’s abuse and mistreatment of women while she claims she is a feminist. And her surrogate for women’s rights is a porn star and possibly was involved in a murder! The rules just don’t apply to Hillary.

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H/T: InfoWars

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