Friday, September 30, 2016

There is gross abuse of the food stamp system. The checks and balances don’t work. Instead of just being a safety net for people who wouldn’t eat otherwise, food stamps have become a hammock for lazy people and an invitation for fraud.

One man saw a Muslim woman spend a fortune on soda pop  and he decided to confront her in the parking lot. He had the wits about him to record the entire conversation.

Apparently, she had already been caught buying things on food stamps and reselling them in her store and she was doing it again. She said her name is, “F*** America!”

She states she doesn’t care about taxpayers. But she does want them to buy her drinks for her own store. She wants to get free inventory for her store and then turn around and sell it to the people who have already paid for those drinks in the first place!

The video below is unreal. This is where our tax dollars go! Trump’s right, why pay taxes when it goes to funding anti-American activities!

How appalling! She doesn’t care. She’s even calling the man asking her questions racist names. She belongs in jail with Hillary!

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H/T: Vidmax

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