Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The King of NASCAR Richard Petty joined Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on stage last night in Greenville, North Carolina to give him a ringing endorsement!

Petty, who won the NASCAR Championship seven times, a record 200 races, and the Daytona 500 a record seven times, introduced Donald Trump and talked about how Trump has already created jobs and how he has some great ideas when it comes to immigration.

He went on to laud Trump’s foreign policy because foreign leaders don’t know what he is thinking; he promotes America First. Instead of sending money overseas, Trump will use that money here.

Take a listen to his full introduction:

My favorite part of his introduction was when he said, “We want to get the government out of our business. I don’t want them coming in telling me how to run my race operation. You know from that standpoint Mr. Trump is the man to do it.”

I couldn’t agree more!

This is a huge endorsement for Donald Trump. Richard Petty is the King of NASCAR. He knows a thing or two about WINNING!

Petty is also a spokesman for a time when hard work and dedication allowed you to achieve greatness. He represents a time when you were able to achieve that in America. Donald Trump will make sure we bring that work ethic back and allow everyone the possibility to succeed in America. We will Make America Great Again with him!

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