Thursday, September 8, 2016

NFL Super Bowl Champion Burgess Owens has picked a favorite in the presidential election. He is supporting Donald Trump.

Owens believes Trump would help alleviate the “black suffering” that has occurred under President Obama. In an interview with Fox News, Owens lays out his thoughts on why Democratic principles have harmed the black community.

Owens took it a step further and said that the Black Caucus needs to resign. He said as a football player, he had to retire when he no longer could perform. Owens says the Black Caucus doesn’t perform at all for African Americans, so it’s time their careers fade away.

In the interview below, Owens says Black Americans need to stop voting for Democrats who perceive their “kids are nothing but weeds.”

Wow! While everyone is focusing on Colin Kaepernick, we should be listening to Burgess Owens instead!

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