Friday, September 16, 2016

Barack Obama lambasted Hillary Clinton back in 2008 when the two were running for President against each other. What’s most interesting is what he said EIGHT years ago about her, is still relevant today:

“Senator Clinton – this is the same person who has taken more money from lobbyists than any other candidate Democratic or Republican. Taken more money from drug company lobbyists and insurance lobbyists.”

Including her time as first lady, Hillary Clinton has spent the last TWENTY THREE YEARS in the bubble of Washington DC. She went from the White House, to the US Capitol, to the State Department. Since departing the the State Department, she has used her stature to make more money giving one 30 minute speech than many middle class families has made in a 5 years.

Yet she claims she is going to “fight” for the middle class. How can she fight for something she doesn’t possibly know? Thankfully, the comments below from then Senator Obama show us nothing has changed about Hillary Clinton. He points out several instances of her being out of touch:

Taking money from lobbyists. Taking money from Wall Street. Lying about her support for “free” trade. Not mentioning a top aide working on behalf of the Colombian government over a trade deal Hillary supported! When does it end? 

Hillary cannot do this to Donald Trump. He’s not in the back pockets of lobbyists and Wall Street.

Share with this others. Let them know that 8 years later, Hillary hasn’t changed.

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