Thursday, September 1, 2016

It’s amazing how Barack Obama, who was supposed to be this “transformational figure” and a President who marked the end of an era of racism, has managed to set back race relations 30-40 years. Tell me, after 8 years, how is all that racial healing going?

It’s not just Obama. His surrogates do the same thing. Any criticism….ANY….criticism of Obama is automatically labeled as racism. Always has. Since he first got into office.

The video below shows one such surrogate, Oprah Winfrey, saying a particular era of white people need to “die” because they’ve been mean to Obama and it’s not because they don’t agree with him or think he’s a bad President. No. It’s because he’s black.

Check it out:

I mean, what is that? The left always does this. When THEY are critical it is always about policy and never the person.

Of course when people on the left were calling President George W. Bush, “Chimpy McHitlerBurton” it was all over policy. Right? Yeah, right.

Tell others about this. Let them see what Obama surrogates are really like.

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