Friday, September 16, 2016

Attacks on our police officers continued this week when a man injured three NYPD officers with a meat cleaver in a horrifying attack. This all happened during rush hour near Penn Station in New York City, so there were many witnesses.

The attacker became irate when police stopped him from trying to remove a boot on his car. When he started attacking an off duty officer with the meat cleaver, other officers attempted to stop him. First they used a taser, then the attacker was shot 18 times. Raw video of the shooting can be seen in the video below.

Police are being commended for stopping 32 year old Akram Jouden. While it is terrifying to think of a shooting during rush hour, the police did a terrific job stopping this man.

The video below provides more eyewitness video to the shooting. While terrorism isn’t currently suspected, Joudeh was arrested on August 27th while carrying knives near a synagogue. Sounds more than a little suspicious.

There are lunatics everywhere. Thank God we have police officers who put their lives on the line to protect us. A mad man running around with a meat cleaver during rush hour in New York is a terrifying thought. A picture of the weapon used to attack these officers is below. One of the officers is in serious condition.

Hopefully these police officers recover quickly and are given proper acknowledgment for saving lives. Police these days are under attack from leftist politicians and activists, so they need to know they have the support of decent Americans.

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H/T: Fox News

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