Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Department of Justice refuses to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes.  The House Oversight Committee has had enough of their stonewalling. They are preparing to take matters into their own hands.

Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz is prepared to make Hillary Clinton finally pay for her repeated lying. Whether they will get her for perjury remains to be seen, but Chaffetz plans on leveling an Obstruction of Justice charge against her.

Deleted emails, home brew servers, destroyed devices…..what is she hiding? She repeatedly lied to the FBI. She even attempted to destroy evidence in any manner possible. She used high tech bleachbit to whipe information and even ordered her State Department to use hammers to destroy devices. She should be hit with an Obstruction of Justice charge.

Share this with everyone you know. Write your Representatives and Senators. Make sure they stand behind this.

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