Wednesday, September 14, 2016

An Imam in Saudi Arabia used state run TV to pray for and incite terrorism against Christians, Jews, and Shia Muslims. This is proof the government of Saudi Arabia is fueling terrorism.

The television host points out that this Imam is calling for the genocide of people of other faiths. He doesn’t even accept Shia Muslims as he calls for jihad and death!

This is pretty damning. Saudi Arabia has to be the worst “ally” in the history of alliances.


There is evidence the government of Saudi Arabia was involved with the 9/11 attacks. There are 28 pages of information regarding this. And the majority of the suicide bombers that day were from Saudi Arabia. These allies are anything but!

A bill unanimously passed both houses of Congress allowing 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia. Even though this bill had bipartisan support, President Obama is threatening to veto it.

This is absolutely ridiculous that the cowardly Obama administration continue to “support” these so-called “allies” that are directly funding and calling for terrorist attacks and GENOCIDE against America. Even Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal is upset about Obama’s veto.


How appalling. Why is Obama protecting Saudi Arabia against his fellow American citizens who have lost so much to terrorism?

Why are we as Americans allowing our government to fund these radicals who are calling for our death and destruction? Why are we literally selling them tanks when they want to use them to kill us? What is going on with our government?!?

We need to DUMP the status quo and begin a new policy of AMERICA FIRST!

Please share to WARN  your friends and family about the Saudi Arabian THREAT!

H/T: Vidmax

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