Friday, September 30, 2016

The Democrats will do anything to win. They don’t care who they hurt or even possibly kill. And it looks like they are targeting not just Donald Trump, but they are going after his supporters too.

Correct the Record,  a Hillary Super PAC, just had its secure message boards on Slack exposed. The details of those boards show they are in panic mode and are looking to destroy the lives of Donald Trump supporters in order to silence them!

Someone named “Brock” is posting on the board. This could very well be David Brock of Media Matters. The Slacktivists discuss using the NSA Intrusion Package that is available to them to identify online Trump supporters by their IP addresses and tracking software.

Once they have identified who the Trump supporters they plan on ruining their lives by any means possible. They will expose and publish personal information in order to destroy their reputations and lead online and public mobs after them.

They then mention Rich, this is quite possibly  Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was murdered. It is alleged that Rich was murdered because he leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks.

Do they actually intent to kill Trump supporters? Why else would they bring up Seth Rich? These people will stop at nothing to maintain control of the White House!

If you know anyone who is a very vocal online Trump supporter, it might be wise to mention this to them. These creeps intend to use government resources to silence conservative’s First Amendment rights – or worse! This cannot stand! They can’t suppress our voices!

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H/T: Investment Watch Blog

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