Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal might tank her presidential ambitions. But, it’s just one scandal in the long scandal-plagued history of the former First Lady.

The video below, “Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal” scratches the surface on Clinton scandals by reporting on 25 of them. It’s amazing to watch this and realize this woman is running for president without much of a challenge from the media. The laws simply don’t apply to her.

Even Jimmy Carter was appalled by the actions of the Clintons during PardonGate as they appeared to sell pardons for campaign contributions. That says quite a lot.

PardonGate really foreshadowed the Clinton Foundation scandals. Now Hillary is accused of selling access to the State Department in exchange for donations. Since she has never faced any consequences for her many scandals, why should we expect her to stop this behavior?

Please share this to let others know about many Hillary scandals we may have forgotten about! 

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