Friday, September 30, 2016

A panicked mother started screaming in a Walmart when her 11 month old daughter stopped breathing. Staff wasn’t equipped to assist the baby. Paramedics were minutes away, but one teen a few aisles away became a hero when she ran over and performed CPR on the baby, saving her life.

Abby Snodgrass had just learned CPR. She had never used it before but she realized this child had no other options. She had some doubt about her ability, but she pushed through that.

“The one thing that crossed my mind initially was, ‘What if this doesn’t work?’ And I just had to push it out of my mind and keep going,” Abby told the reporter in the video below.

You never know who your hero will be. While all the adults were helpless, a teen was able to save the day – and the baby. What a story!

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H/T: Little Things

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