Thursday, September 1, 2016

What do you make of the President of Mexico comparing Donald Trump to Hitler and Mussolini? In the past, that is exactly what Mexican President Peña Nieto did. Yet when Donald Trump visited Mexico, it was a whole different story.

While Trump was there, President Nieto:

  1. Agreed with Donald Trump that a border wall is a good idea
  2. Agreed that NAFTA should be updated and renegotiated
  3. Agreed with the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants

Nieto agreed with almost every single policy Trump has been proposing! Not only that, but reportedly Nieto fired off against Obama about his illegal Operation Fast and Furious. He even denounced Obama for building a “welcome” sign causing rampant illegal immigration problems for both the United States and Mexico.

It was a complete 180 degree turn and one that made Hillary Clinton look foolish as she did nothing but point fingers and give a ridiculous speech. While she was doing nothing but continuing to hide from the media, Donald Trump was doing actual work, attempting to work with Mexico and letting them know what would happen during a Trump presidency.

Donald Trump showed that he has the chops to negotiate with foreign leaders and WIN just as he has promised. It’s stunningly refreshing and radically different from Obama’s utter capitulation to every foreign leader. Nieto’s about face proves that Donald Trump is a real leader and shows a glimpse of how much he can accomplish to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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h/t Vice News

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