Tuesday, September 13, 2016

After Hillary Clinton’s collapse on 9/11, the Democratic nominee’s health has taken center stage in the presidential race.

Two videos from the prior week foreshadowed this though. Comparing the motorcades for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the same city in the same week, show one striking difference.

Hillary Clinton’s motorcade on the east side of Cleveland on Labor Day included an ambulance as you can see in the video below. But, days later when Donald Trump visited there, the motorcade looked quite different.

Trump’s motorcade can be seen in the next video. This event was also on the east side of Cleveland and was just three days after Hillary’s. But, Trump’s motorcade didn’t have an ambulance.

It obviously isn’t protocol to have an ambulance in the motorcade or Trump would have had one. That ambulance was specific to Hillary’s event. These events were in the same city – in the same area even!

There seem to be a lot of questions regarding Hillary’s health, especially when she has an ambulance following her around. This all sounds rather serious.

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