Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Look out. Donald Trump is making his way back and Team Crooked Hillary is getting nervous. The polls are shifting — getting better for Donald Trump while Hacking Hillary tries to make it through one event without having a coughing fit.

Hillary had an 8 point lead over Donald Trump in August in the CNN poll. That lead, has vanished. Trump now leads Hillary 45% to 43% and the biggest part of that is the huge lead Trump has with independents – 2o points!

The most remarkable thing this poll shows is that Gary Johnson is not peeling off many votes from Trump. He is included in the poll and at 7% doesn’t seem to be affecting Trump.

This is not just one poll. There are two other polls showing Trump in a statistical dead heat with Hillary.

Hillary continues to duck the press and more evidence of her corruption surfaces every day. Trump has  a good chance to extend his lead and not relinquish. He is going to lead all the way to the White House!

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H/T: Breitbart News

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