Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donald Trump had a whopping 15,000 people attend his first rally after Monday night’s debate. The GOP nominee’s support in Melbourne, Florida is so strong that there were another 12,000 people who were turned away because there wasn’t enough room.

Size matters, especially in elections. The person with the most votes wins. You can gauge how much support someone has by the attendance at their events – and Donald Trump has some very large crowds.

That’s a lot of people who gave up time with their families and friends to see Trump in person!

There is quite a bit of irony in the number of people who were turned away. It’s the same number of people who have attended Hillary’s events since July. Yes, Trump turned away 12,000 in one night while only 12,000 people have come to see Hillary in the past two months!

Hillary just had 400 people at her rally in North Carolina on the same day 15,000 saw Trump.

Trump laid into Hillary in front of his 15,000 supporters. He said she is “stuck in the past” and hit the scandal plagued Democratic nominee hard.


If people can’t be bothered to go see Hillary when she is in their own backyard, how can they be expected to go out and vote for her?

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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