Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 collapse has taken the conspiracy theories about her health to the main stage. While her campaign first claimed it was overheating and then said it was pneumonia; however , some doctors are saying that it is much more serious – and deadly.

In the video below, a medical school professor details how she believes Hillary has Subcortical Vascular Dementia and only has about a year to live. She includes leaked documents from Hillary’s medical file. This must watch video explains the symptoms of this deadly disease and how Hillary is exhibiting all of them.

Another theory is that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Ted Noel explains why he believes the scandal plagued Democratic nominee is hiding this debilitating illness. He also explains the symptoms that Hillary has.


It really appears that Hillary’s campaign is hiding some grave news about her health. She even had an ambulance in her motorcade in Cleveland!

Perhaps Hillary needs to focus on her health. If she is as ill as either of these doctors say, the campaign trail is not where she should be.

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