Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ISIS has run rampant on President Obama’s watch. One might say the White House’s failure to take the terrorist group seriously has blown up in their faces – and that’s no joke.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama failed miserably at keeping us safe. Not only did they fail to contain ISIS, but they scoffed it off as nothing. Obama was busy golfing and Hillary was hitting Blackberries with hammers as ISIS began to grow.

Watch as they repeatedly shrug off the threat of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism:

Their laziness has put our national security at risk. This video proves exactly that and should be seen by voters.

Hillary Clinton is not fit to serve as the President of the United States. She has betrayed our trust and put us in grave danger. She should be held personally responsible for the rise of ISIS with her EXTREMELY bad decisions in Libya and Syria.

Those decisions have had direct consequences with terrorist attacks in Orlando and across Europe resulting in the deaths of our fellow Americans.

She may have experience, but it is BAD experience as Donald Trump said last night.

Share with your friends and family. Let them know Hillary Clinton put your LIFE in Danger when she failed to act.

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