Tuesday, October 4, 2016

From the first question Tim Kaine has constantly lied in his relentless attack against Donald Trump and Mike Pence. His lies were so blatant the mainstream media even had to call him out.

When asked about the Iranian nuclear deal, Kaine claimed that Hillary Clinton helped eliminate the Iranian nuclear program.

ABC News emphatically declared this statement FALSE.

In fact, the Iranian nuclear program is alive and well.

Why? Because Barack Obama gave Iran billions of dollars to keep it going.

Barack Obama’s Iranian deal even allows for Iran to more easily develop nuclear weapons.

Tim Kaine tries to attack Donald Trump and Mike Pence about nuclear weapons when it is in fact his own allies who are allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Tim Kaine is just like Hillary Clinton. And his lies are so big the Mainstream Media is even calling him out.

We must reject these liars. They are a threat to America and will continue to put us in danger from terrorist threats and funders like Iran.

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