Friday, October 14, 2016

The media’s credibility regarding the presidential campaign appears to be on its way to litigation, but not from Trump.

Today Show host Billy Bush isn’t going down without a fight. He has lawyered up after getting the ax from NBC News following released video of a lewd conversation he had with Donald Trump in 2005.

Bush has retained Marshall Grossman who is one of the most feared and aggressive lawyers in Los Angeles. Grossman claims if Bush had told Trump to shut up in 2005, Bush would have been fired. That points to the fact that NBC was completely fine with this behavior – until a few weeks before Trump faced off at the polls with NBC’s preferred presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

As the videos below detail, Grossman has previously represented Steven Spielberg. This could get messy for NBC and they deserve the mess!

Billy Bush isn’t innocent in this. Bush was bragging about the video during the Rio Olympics. He knew it was going to be used to tank Trump, but he believed he would be edited out of it. Not only is this damaging his career, but it will do him in with his family, especially his older cousin Jeb Bush, who certainly could have used the video in the primary against Trump.

What goes around comes around! Billy Bush and NBC are set for a cage match. I’m not cheering for either, but I’ll grab my popcorn and enjoy the spectacle.

Please share this if you are still supporting Donald Trump despite the media’s attempt to damage him!

H/T: Hollywood Reporter

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