Thursday, October 6, 2016

The police are under constant attack these days. The media is obsessed with painting police officers as racists. It’s important to combat this with everyday stories of respect.

That’s exactly what Terence Dangerfield did. After being stopped by a police officer, Terence informed him that he was carrying a pistol. The officer treated Dangerfield respectfully and advised him on how to reach for his wallet. The officer didn’t treat this black man like a criminal. He treated him like a citizen who respects the Second Amendment.

Dangerfield posted about the experience on Facebook. His post went viral.

The post got back to the Fairfax County Police Department. They appreciated the post and thanked Terence for understanding protocol and properly letting the officer know about the firearm.

Terence responded to the Fairfax Police by thanking them again and voicing his support for the officers.

Bravo! We need more praise for our police. I’m glad Terence took time out of his day to thank the officer. He is a volunteer firefighter, so like the police officer who stopped him, Terence also puts his life on the line to protect fellow citizens. Thank you, Terence! I have a lot of RESPECT for this Dangerfield!

Please share this if you support our police officers!

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