Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Colin Kaepernick continues to be disrespectful while our National Anthem is playing. He took his protest a step further at a press conference after yet another loss on the field.

The failing quarterback wore a Black Panthers t-shirt in an attempt to be even more demoralizing to our police officers. Kaepernick’s childish behavior is having a poor effect on NFL ratings.

It appears that Colin Kaepernick is protesting winning. He can’t make it happen on the field, so he’s trying to get attention in other ways. His opponents are noticing and looking forward to crushing him.

I am looking forward to Kaepernick being pushed out of the NFL. He can’t win and since his protest has had a poor effect on NFL ratings, there is no chance he will be a commentator.

Please share this if you are ready for Kaepernick to get the boot!

H/T: Downtrend

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