Monday, October 31, 2016

Anheuser-Busch has pulled the plug on Bud Light commercials featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen after sales began tanking after the commercials hit the airwaves.

The ads feature the comedians asking people to join the tongue in cheek “Bud Light political party this year. The choice of these two is perplexing and obviously helped cause sales to plummet.

Rogen is a Canadian while Schumer has endorsed Hillary Clinton and bashes Trump regularly. She isn’t seen as funny on the topic of politics. She is seen as a left wing mouthpiece, so of course she alienated customers. She’s also vocally said she would leave the country if Trump is elected.

The ads have a very left leaning slant, which probably isn’t a wise move for a company that depends on sales from everyday people who don’t support the left wing agenda.

The ad “Equal Pay” performed very low in test groups. Funny that they don’t point out that women are paid less in the Obama White House and on Hillary Clinton’s staff.  You can see it below.

Another ad “Labels,”  also performed poorly. It elevates the cause of people choosing their gender.

Boy, they certainly are out of touch with the average beer drinker.

“Despite continued positive signs in brand health evolution, driven by millennials and Hispanics, 3Q was the softest performance of Bud Light for the year from a volume and share perspective, ” Bud Light senior director of marketing communications Lisa Weser told Adweek. “The Bud Light Party campaign helped us improve these brand attributes, but it did not translate to improved volume and share performance. While we are clearly not satisfied with Bud Light’s performance, we are already leveraging what we’ve learned to develop and execute new work.”

What was Budweiser thinking with this ad campaign and using Amy Schumer who has been demeaning towards half of the American electorate? Hundreds walked out of a recent show after she began attacking Trump and his supporters. She also is the cousin of left wing Senator Chuck Schumer. Of course she was a poor spokesman!

Let’s hope that Budweiser can learn something from this. Don’t bet against everyday Americans. If you mock us, your sales will dive.

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H/T: Breitbart

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