Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Novelist Jeff Rovin claims he was a “fixer” for Bill and Hillary Clinton for nearly 10 years, helping them to keep affairs secret, reporters paid off, and he even helped to coordinate attacks on Monica Lewinsky in order to destroy her after her affair with President Clinton was revealed.

Rovin had an in-depth interview with Sean Hannity. He covered some of what Rovin told The National Enquirer about what he did. It includes:

  • The Clintons have an open marriage and that Hillary Clinton had a long running affair with Vince Foster
  • Bill Clinton would often patronize prostitutes
  • Rovin would buy the silence of some reporters with cash
  • Worked to stop rumors of affairs Bill Clinton supposedly had with ‘Night Court’ actress Markie Post and Mary Hart of ‘Entertainment Tonight’
  • Helped scrub the office of Vince Foster to remove any documents related to Whitewater


The interview with Hannity is below:

Rovin doesn’t appear to be a partisan. At the end of the interview he wouldn’t even say who he was voting for.

This is what happened the LAST TIME the Clintons were in the White House. Do we want that again?

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