Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All of the naysayers claim Donald Trump is engaging in “conspiracy theories” when he warns of the dangers of voter fraud. A recent report out of Denver, Colorado proves that voter fraud is real and if people are getting caught, one wonders how many are NOT getting caught.

The report is pretty remarkable and talks about ONE MAN who lives in TWO states voting SIX TIMES.


Check it out:

That is amazing. A woman received two absentee ballots because one was sent to her home address and another to a PO Box she owns. How many people does that happen to? How many other states have this problem?

What will it mean on election day?

And what is the federal government doing. The OBAMA government, specifically the Department of Justice, doing? Warning people that attempts to stop voter fraud ARE ILLEGAL. 


Share this with others. Let them know you agree with Donald Trump that voter fraud is real and something needs to be done about it BEFORE the election, not after! 

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