Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A bunch of liberal, leftist, politically correct protestors decided they didn’t have enough to whine and moan about so they took to the streets to protest in Columbus on what they were calling “KKKolumbus Day”

The protestors blocked the street attempting to stop the driver of a white Nissan pickup truck. They even threatened him with violence.

“You want me to sock you right now, fool?”

“I’ll tear you out of that car, you little f***!”

He had enough and gunned it through the crowd mowing down a number of the protestors.


Some are saying the driver did the right thing considering he was threatened with horrific violence while being surrounded.

Some of the commenters on the video say it better than I can. From user Nouveau1

They trapped and threatened to assault the driver, and when he protected himself they cried victim and ran to the very system they were complaining about for help.

And from XxWhipLaSH18xX:

I stopped feeling bad as soon as I heard “I’ll rip you out of that truck, you little fuck.” At that point, threats are made against the driver and he did what he had to do to get out of a potentially harmful situation. Don’t protest in the middle of the street, and then threaten people in vehicles wanting to get through. No sympathy for any of these dumb people in the road.

Both of them bring up some serious points to consider. These people not only surrounded the man’s vehicle, but they threatened him with violence. Not to mention, they were disturbing the peace by what appears to be illegally blocking the road in the first place.

What’s even worse is the person putting the video up shares the man’s license plate numbers in an attempt to create some kind of hunt for him. We can’t let that happen!

Share if this is how you would DEFEND yourself from Violent Protestors!

H/T: Louder with Crowder

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