Monday, October 31, 2016

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell went on Varney and Co. on Fox and predicted that this year’s election could end up much like Reagan’s 1980 election with Donald Trump winning in a landslide.

Pat Caddelll was Jimmy Carter’s pollster and he believes “the latest information, that is the popper. This thing could open significantly before it’s over.”


Caddell believes about 12-15% of the electorate are turning against Hillary Clinton and the status quo.

And a lot of the signs have been pointing in that direction for a long time. Whether it is Trump’s rally attendance completely blowing out Hillary Clinton’s who relies on astroturfing off of musicians like Adele. Or if it’s the constant barrage of corruption that is finally being exposed about her through WikiLeaks, James O’Keefe, Judicial Watch, and others.

Early voting in Florida even showed Trump with a commanding lead and he looks to beat Hillary in traditional Democratic strongholds such as Michigan and Wisconsin.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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