Thursday, October 6, 2016

Danney Williams has come out of the shadows. The 30 year old man is seeking to meet who he has been told is his biological father – Bill Clinton.

Diamond and Silk felt compelled to weigh in on this situation in the video below. They make a valid point. How can Bill Clinton be for black people when he supposedly shuts out his own black son?

That’s a very good point. If Bill has a half black son who he ignores and refuses to meet, he isn’t a champion of African Americans.

Here is a side by side of Danney and Bubba:

Star Magazine did a DNA test in 1999 with the DNA information from the Kenneth Starr impeachment records, but there are many questions about the accuracy of the test. Even liberal Slate said it would be impossible to determine paternity with this “imprecise” data.

Please share this if you think Bill Clinton should submit to a paternity test!

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