Tuesday, October 18, 2016

United States election expert and former Voting Section Attorney at the US Department of Justice J. Christian Adams spoke to Fox and Friends this morning to talk about voter fraud and how there are millions of dead voters casting ballots.

Adams talked about how the voter rolls are corrupted even referencing one case where someone who died in 1944 was voting in Texas.

Adams says he has filed six cases in the past year in Philadelphia and Broward County, Florida, “Places where the voter rolls are corrupted.”

This deserves to be repeated.

We have four million, four million, Steve, ineligible and dead voters on American voter rolls according to the Pew Charitable Trust.

And he even lambasted those covering up criminal activity:

Groups like the League of Women Voters and the SEIU are intervening in my law suits to try to stop voter roll cleanups because they like the way it is.

It’s no wonder why 41% of Americans believe the election will be stolen due to Voter Fraud.

Obama only beat Romney in the popular vote 51.1% to 47.2% in 2012. That’s only about 4%. With the Pew Charitable Trusts revealing 4 million people are ineligible to vote, that’s over 3% of the voting population from 2012!

We must be vigilant and watch out for Voter Fraud! They already caught a DNC staffer in Virginia registering dead people.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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