Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Eric Trump made a campaign stop in Medina, Ohio on Tuesday before heading to Las Vegas for the final presidential debate.

No national press were covering this event which had more attendees than another local event that featured Vice President Joe Biden at a union hall. The local large city papers didn’t show up to cover Eric Trump’s stop either.

Eric jumped in the back of a pickup truck to speak to supporters. He highlighted how President Donald Trump will support the police and veterans and reduce the deficit. He also said that career politicians are horrible people as they aren’t looking out for the common good. This goes along with the GOP nominee’s plan to “drain the swamp” of political corruption.

You can see this great speech below! Donald Trump has amazing children. This is quite a testament to his character.

Following the speech, Eric walked over to the Armed Services Recruiting Center to meet with members of the military who wanted to see the speech but couldn’t leave their office. He personally greeted them all and thanked them for their service.

You’ll never hear that from the mainstream media and it’s certainly not something Hillary Clinton would do!

Please share this so others can hear this terrific speech that the mainstream media wouldn’t cover!

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