Monday, October 17, 2016

The FBI just released damning documents showing that the State Department wanted to “make changes to the email classification that would benefit the department and shield Hillary Clinton.”

An email from last July shows that Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy “pressured the FBI to unclassify certain emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server that were previously deemed classified.”

The document shows that Kennedy wanted the FBI to change the classification in “exchange for a ‘quid pro quo.'”


Donald Trump was quick to respond to the obvious corruption from Clinton’s State Department.

This is just more evidence that Hillary Clinton was using pay to play. She did it in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation. She did it with Russia selling 20% of the United States’ uranium reserve, and now she did it to curry favor with the FBI who was investigating her!

This is UNACCEPTABLE. Hillary Clinton should be in PRISON! She is a law breaker and she continues to sell out the United States of America and WE THE PEOPLE!

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H/T: Reuters 

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