Monday, October 17, 2016

When you’re of the political persuasion that doesn’t care about abortion, it’s easy to suggest somebody you get pregnant to have an abortion of a baby you don’t want. Bill Clinton obviously didn’t want anybody knowing who was the father of a child born to his mistress. According to Gennifer Flowers, he paid her to abort an unborn child that was his.

According to Flowers, Clinton got her pregnant in 1977. In an emotional audio recording, she describes her feelings:

But yes, I told him (Bill Clinton). And deep down I wanted to hear him say okay well I’m going to get a divorce and we’ll have this baby and everything is going to be fine. And the first words out of his mouth were, ‘Well you know I will pay for an abortion.’

Wow. Listen to the audio:

Remember what the Clinton campaign did to Flowers. They smeared her, called her a liar, a tramp, a whore, and nothing but a “hairdresser.” This is who the Clinton’s are. No amount of scrubbing will wash away the slime these two have brought to Washington DC.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, it will only get worse.

Share with your friends family. Make sure they hear the TRUTH about Bill and Hillary Clinton!

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