Monday, October 24, 2016

George Soros, the mega-billionaire, who funds Black Lives Matter and is manipulating the refugee crisis in Syria to sow discord and chaos throughout Europe, is setting his eyes on our election this November. He wants to “create a nationless, borderless, global state.”

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation board member, Mark Malloch-Brown, is the Chairman of Smartmatic, a company that manufactures and provides voting machines. Malloch-Brown was also a vice-chairman of Soros’ Investment Funds as well as a deputy-secretary of the United Nations.

Malloch-Brown also has ties to the Clintons. He was a partner with Sawyer-Miller, a consulting firm where Clinton associate Mandy Grunwald worked and he was a senior adviser to FTI Consulting where Jackson Dunn, a 15 year aide to the Clintons worked.

Smartmatic currently has machines in 16 states including crucial battleground states, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Virginia. They also have machines in California, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.

Smartmatic was founded in 2000 and is known to rig elections, specifically those in Venezuela in 2004.

According to the Daily Caller the machines were also used last March during the Utah Republican caucus where “many critics said it was impossible to secure personal electronic devices that are used to register and vote.”



Smartmatic claimed on its website that it had 57,000 Voting and Counting Machines deployed across 307 jurisdictions in 16 states.

Here are what some of their machines look like:

And here is their logo:

I would not trust these machines to accurately count your ballot! You should request a paper ballot if your polling location has one of these.

We Can NOT let Clinton and Her Evil Allies RIG this election!

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