Friday, October 14, 2016

WikiLeaks has been exposing Hillary’s corruption with thousands of new emails every single day. However, the mainstream media isn’t talking about it at all!

But that isn’t stopping good hard-working Americans from trying to find the truth for themselves.

WikiLeaks went to Google Trends and searched via key word to show what people have been searching for in the past 7 days. They included “wikileaks,” “trump p****,” “trump women,” and “trump allegations” in their search terms. The results are shocking.

Here’s a better look:

That’s right. The American people are searching for WikiLeaks. But what is the media doing? They are running wall to wall coverage hit jobs against Donald Trump.

Thankfully, Donald Trump is fighting back and exposing the world to WikiLeaks!

Donald Trump and WikiLeaks have exposed the media for the con men they are. America is learning about Hillary’s corruption despite their best efforts!

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