Thursday, October 6, 2016

We would love it if voting decisions were made entirely on the basis of policy. But the fact is, people respond well to politicians they like. People like politicians that are not afraid to make fun of themselves. That’s exactly what Donald Trump did with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon plays Trump INTERVIEWING HIMSELF with…Donald Trump. And its EPIC!

Check this out:

“I’m like a Greek God that just took a bath in a pumpkin spice latte!”

That was so funny, even Donald Trump looked at the crowd and smiled. This is the kind of thing that gets people to pay attention to politicians they might otherwise ignore.

Trump is being smart. Self deprecating humor provides a way for people to listen to other things he has to say and that is where he will gain people in his fight against Hillary Clinton.

Share it with others! This is hilarious and people who might be on the fence right now, could change their minds!

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