Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton has been caught up in a s***storm. The police were called in Lawrenceville, Georgia after a Hillary Clinton’s campaign bus was caught emptying human waste in the street.

The Democrats are supposed to be for the environment, but apparently they think it’s acceptable to just dump waste wherever they are.

Mike Robins, who is interviewed in the video below, saw someone get out of the bus adorned with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine and start unloading crap right on the street. He took some pictures and then called the police.

We probably shouldn’t be surprised at this. Just looking at Hillary’s history anyone should know she would just crap all over the American people!

Did they not see the scene in Christmas Vacation when Uncle Eddie said “The s****** was full!” as he dumped raw sewage into a storm drain that later exploded?

Ironically, Quaid is a Bernie supporter turned Trump supporter. He tweeted during the DNC about the #ShittersFullRevolution.

Hillary took that hashtag a little too literally. Now the Georgia EPA is investigation this stinky mess.

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