Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton isn’t faring so well in the final presidential debate. To try to gain some footing, she pulled out the woman card and accused Donald Trump of mistreating women.

Women have come forward accusing Trump of inappropriate behavior in the final days of the campaign. This billionaire hadn’t had these claims until right before Election Day, which is rather convenient timing for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has no standing on this issue. She has demeaned women that her husband used and abused. She doesn’t stand up for women. She only stands up for women who support her. Women are nothing more than pawns to Hillary. She is not a saint, so she has no bearing to even carry this message.


Trump isn’t hiding from this. He took it right back to Hillary and stated that he believes that Hillary’s campaign had something to do with this. The GOP nominee said he hasn’t done anything wrong and had no reason to even apologize to his wife.

This overuse of the woman card is really old. Our country is facing real problems, but Hillary is more concerned with hurt feelings. Get over it!

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