Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Local media on the ground in Brussels are reporting that 15 people have been taken hostage.

They are being held in a supermarket in the Forest section of Brussels.

Initial reports indicate the hostage situation began as a robbery. Eyewitnesses told local TV channel VRT that the hostage situation began around 7 p.m. local time inside a Carrefour supermarket. They claimed the man was wielding a knife.

Police responded minutes later with a helicopter and special armed units.

They have since sealed off the area and directed residents to lower their shutters.

The police are now reporting the hostage taker surrendered and was arrested.

Brussels was the place of three coordinated suicide bombings earlier this year in March. Two occured at the Brussels Airport in Zaventem and one at the Maalbeek metro station. Thirty two citizens were murdered with more than 300 others injured.

These attacks were carried out by ISIS and belonged to the same terrorist cell that attacked in Paris 2015 including the Bataclan theatre and the Sade de France.

H/T: Breaking 911

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