Friday, October 7, 2016

Sometimes it’s best to hire a professional. One man learned this lesson the hard way when he tried to cut down a dead tree by himself.

His neighbor was surprised to see the technique that was being used, so he began filming it.

“I saw my neighbor on a ladder with a chainsaw and thought “what could go wrong?” So the guy starts sawing on the tree that had been dead for at least a few months. The saw did not cut well and his buddies kept pulling on the rope which just pulled the tree right over. Strangely, it was silent after the crash. A couple weeks later my wife saw him with a cast on his leg. I guess he should’ve hired someone.”

Stupid is as stupid does and the man in the video below proves that stupid hurts, too! This is a tough lesson on how gravity works!

That’s learning a lesson the hard way! It probably would have been cheaper to hire an expert than to pay those medical bills!

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