Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An Iraqi grandmother has proven to be a more formidable foe to ISIS than Barack Obama.

After the goat-loving terrorists killed Wahida Mohamed Al-Jumaily’s second husband, her father, and three of her brothers, she sought revenge. This housewife has become a leader in the fight against ISIS. And she serves up her own special brand of justice to the jihadists.

Al-Jumaily, who is also known as Um Hanadi, beheads and then cooks the heads of ISIS jihadists. She also burns their bodies. Her brand of just desserts has put her at the top of the terrorist group’s hit list.

She has survived six assassination attempts and leads a 70-strong tribal militia group in Shirqat, outside of Mosul. The militia group has been successful in driving ISIS from the area.

In the video below, you see Al-Jumaily leading her charges. She doesn’t mess around. She has paid a steep price for her leadership, but she is not bending.

Way to go Grandma! A granny is leading the charge against ISIS while Barack Obama golfs.

While he is swinging his golf club, she is swinging her machete!

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H/T: Victory Girls

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