Thursday, October 20, 2016

James O’Keefe‘s latest video exposed Democrats and their allies’ willingness and plans to rig the election through massive voter fraud. However, O’Keefe isn’t the only one investigating voter fraud. The Indiana State Police have launched a massive investigation into Patriot Majority USA.

Don’t let the name of the group confuse you. Patriot Majority is funded by “labor unions and a handful of prominent Democratic donors.”

The groups headquarters were raided by the Indiana State Police earlier this month in an investigation spanning across nine counties throughout the state.

The Indiana State Police have just issued a statement regarding the severity of the voter fraud.

We believe the reports Secretary Lawson turned over yesterday may serve as evidence of forgery by representatives associated with the Indiana Voter Registration Project, which is a subsidiary organization of a group that calls itself Patriot Majority USA.

The statement continued:

It is very important to recognize that instead of telling Hoosiers they would cooperate with our investigation and working with Indiana officials to get to the bottom of the fraud issue, Patriot Majority USA instead launched a partisan advertising campaign accusing Governor Pence of leading a ‘government attack against’ Hoosiers and the Indiana State Police of ‘police intimidation.’

And they added:

Our investigation currently spans 56 of Indiana’s 92 counties and has more than two dozen state police detectives diligently reviewing thousands of suspect voter application forms.

This is GRAVE news. A Democrat connected super PAC is trying to rig the Indiana election with possible forged voter registration forms.

Fortunately, the Indiana State Police are actually taking this seriously and investigating, unlike the Department of Justice that allows over 4 million dead and ineligible voters to be allowed on the voters roll.

We can not allow Hillary Clinton and her deceptive, conniving supporters to steal this election!

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