Friday, October 21, 2016

All the way back in 2007, Jeff Dunham introduced us to Achmed the Dead Terrorist in his special “Spark on Insanity.”

Achmed is one of Dunham’s more memorable characters who’s known for his catchphrase, “Silence! I KEEEL You!”

Watch as Dunham introduces him in “Spark of Insanity.” There’s even a surprise appearance from one of his other characters!

My favorite part is when Achmed exclaims, “What the hell happened to my feet!” And then he continues, “Stop Touching Me!” And then he finally leads into his famous line, “I KILL YOU!”

I also loved seeing the interaction between Achmed and Walter even though Walter stayed in the suitcase.

“Is that Walter? He scares the crap out of me! Please do not put me back in the same suitcase!”

What was your favorite part?

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