Friday, October 21, 2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich continues to eat sour grapes after being utterly crushed by Donald Trump in the Republican primary. Kasich, who has refused to endorse Trump, appears to be running for the 2020 primary already.

Kasich is attempting to sabotage Trump’s campaign for his own benefit. Kasich appears to grab any microphone within reach to bash Trump. Unless, Kasich is running as a Democrat in a future primary, he won’t win anything. Perhaps that is what he is planning on doing. He sure is acting like a Democrat.

Kasich is also trying to push Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges to be the RNC Chair to replace Reince Priebus. Borges would help grease the wheels for Kasich in an upcoming primary. The Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party was just caught using a fake Twitter account to attack the Trump campaign. She STILL remains employed. Kasich probably thinks she deserves a raise! These folks can’t be trusted!

Kasich hacks continue to use social media and the mainstream media to stab Republicans in the back. They are hellbent on blocking Donald Trump’s path to the White House. They want to burn down the party and reinvent it around the moderate (Democrat-leaning) Ohio Governor. Take a look at some of the Kasich Twitter accounts from Thursday:

That is appalling! He doesn’t deserve to call himself a Republican. It’s nonsense like this that is making so many voters choose Trump. The establishment hacks, including John Kasich, have only used us for their own gain. Trump doesn’t owe anyone. He is running for everyday Americans.


Kasich doesn’t want Trump to win Ohio. If Trump does prevail in the ultimate swing state, there will be a lot of egg on Kasich’s face. The video below details a recent Ohio poll that shows the race is currently tied. Trump’s grassroots organizers are working hard in the Buckeye State to make up for Kasich’s Benedict Arnold treatment of Republicans.

John Kasich is too arrogant to realize that politicians like him are the reason that voters love Trump. We are tired of being used by politicians.

I can’t wait until Trump wins. That will shut these Never Trumpers up!

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