Monday, October 24, 2016

“There are two systems of justice in America. One for everyday Americans. And one for Hillary Rodham Clinton.” – This is a POWERFUL statement Judge Jeanine Pirro makes before going on to describe exactly how that is the case.

The basic breakdown is like this. Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy asked an FBI agent to declassify state department emails sent by Hillary Clinton. Emails that kicked off the investigation into her email scandal.

Why would anybody want email declassified? SO IT COULD BE ARCHIVED. This way, the public could not see it. Watch:

Unreal. Kennedy wanted the emails declassified so they could hide them away. When the FBI refused and refused to say anything, it gave cover for Hillary TO LIE about sending emails with classified information.

Hillary weaved a tangled web to deceive, BUT the truth has come out. The only question we DON’T have any answer to is: Why didn’t James Comey recommend Hillary Clinton be prosecuted?

Watch it all and share it with others! Let them be VERY AWARE of the way Clinton and her cronies helped to cover up her LIES. 

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