Monday, October 17, 2016

Wikileaks sent a shock wave across Twitter with a tweet saying that Julian Assange’s internet was cut off by a state party.

The Wikileaks founder has gotten death threats. Even Hillary Clinton had asked if Assange could be droned. Prior to Wikileaks’ announcement, they had three cryptic tweets. This led to a lot of chatter that a “dead man’s switch” had been pulled as Assange had either been killed or jailed.

Many are wondering what these tweets could be about. What do they have on current Secretary of State John Kerry? This is all very interesting.

Julian Assange is a very wanted man as he has exposed powerful and corrupt people. Those people want him dead, so it’s easy to see why people immediately have assumed the worst. Some have even speculated about Pamela Anderson’s recent visit with Assange.

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