Friday, October 14, 2016

It’s all in the timing, people. Here it is, less than one month before the election and Donald Trump is facing an onslaught of media hit jobs, smears, and questionable accusations. It’s all being done by the same media that is ignoring all of the Wikileaks information that is exposing Hillary Clinton’s corruption and villainy.

Even Joe Scarborough of ‘Morning Joe’ (a show certainly not friendly to Donald Trump) said the timing of these stories really stinks, “I’m not skeptical of the women’s stories. I’m skeptical about the timing of all this dropping — talk about an October surprise when, again, as you said, there have been a thousand triggering events that would have made sense.”

So the press is going gah gah over Trump but what is it they are ignoring with the Wikileaks emails? PLENTY. Just some of what was found:

  • Emails that show disdain for Catholics, people from the south and “needy” Latinos.
  • The Clinton Foundation staff did not like Chelsea Clinton who had senior role at the foundation but didn’t know much of what she was doing, and was referred to as a “spoiled brat kid.”
  • More coordination between the Hillary Campaign and the DNC to thwart Bernie Sanders campaign
  • It was revealed, friend of the campaign, Donna Brazille who was working for CNN at the time, sent the Clinton campaign, upcoming press questions and more information about Bernie Sanders events that were unknown to the public.

Laura Ingraham appeared on Fox Business to talk about media malfeasance in this campaign and it is worth watching:

She made an excellent point that it should not be the media making decisions for people but laying out all of the facts, doing digging, and then letting people decide.

What the media is doing is ignoring valid news that could be damaging to Hillary Clinton, while sensationalizing questionable news about Donald Trump.

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